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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Austrian Composer

1756 - 1791

When I am . . . traveling in a carriage, or walking after a good meal,
or during the night when I cannot sleep; it is on such occasions
that ideas flow best and most abundantly.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg Austria. Mozart is considered one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, authoring over 600 works before his premature death at 35.

Mozart, the son of orchestra leader Leopold Mozart, showed remarkable musical aptitude early in life. He was playing the harpsichord by the age of 4, composing music at 5, and performed his first recital at age 6 for the Empress of Austria. Recognizing his enormous talent, his father devoted most of his time to his son's musical education, and taking him on concert tours throughout Europe.

Mozart left Salzburg in 1781 to seek his fortune in Vienna. He married there in 1782. Mozart made his living performing and selling his compositions and giving music lessons. No longer a child prodigy he had difficulty earning sufficient income to support a family. He died in poverty in 1791.

Mozart excelled at nearly every kind of musical composition. He wrote 22 operas, over 40 symphonies, and composed a great amount of church and chamber music. Much of Mozart's work is still performed and enjoyed today.

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  Other Composers and Musicians in the Lucidcafé Library

  Books About Mozart

  • Mozart: A Life - Author: Maynard Solomon

    Perhaps the most important Mozart biography ever written, this book is subtle, rich-textured, stimulating and provocative. Solomon chronicles of Mozart's life, analyses his psyche, and studies his music.

    CLICK HERE to purchase this Paperback edition of "Mozart: A Life"

  • The Compleat Mozart: A Guide to the Musical Works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Author: Neal Zaslaw, William Cowdery (Editor)

    With this book readers can look up any work that Mozart wrote and find out where, when, and why he wrote it, what it is like, and what special significance it may have within the composer's oeurvre. The language is non-technical but the content does not insult the intelligence of the lay reader. More than two dozen 18th-century pictures illustrate the social contexts for Mozart's music. Comment by Neal Zaslaw, the author.

    CLICK HERE to purchase this Paperback edition of "The Compleat Mozart"

  • Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life: Selected Letters - Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Spaethling (Translator)

    This new translation of Mozart's letters captures the flavor of the writing, transmit every nuance, and render every thought faithfully and accurately.

    CLICK HERE to purchase this Paperback edition of "Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life"

  Videos About Mozart

  • Biography - Mozart (1987) - Studio: A&E Entertainment

    Famed Mozart scholars help A&E paint a portrait of the outcast master whose work would revolutionize nearly every area of music.

    CLICK HERE to purchase this Video edition of "Biography - Mozart"

  • Amadeus (Widescreen Edition) (1984) - Studio: Warner Studios

    Oscar-winning movie adaptation of Peter Shaffer's hit play about the rivalry between two composers in the court of Austrian Emperor Joseph II—official royal composer Antonio Salieri (played by F. Murray Abraham), and the younger but superior prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (played by Tom Hulce).

    CLICK HERE to purchase this Video edition of "Amadeus"

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