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Stan Laurel
Comedic Movie Actor

1890 - 1965

If anyone at my Funeral has a long face,
I'll never speak to him again.

                                          —Stan Laurel

Arthur Stanley Jefferson (Stan Laurel) was born on June 16, 1890 in Ulverston in North Lancashire (presently Cumbria), England. His family called him Stan, and in 1918 he adopted the stage name, Laurel. Stan's first professional theatrical engagement was as a boy-comedian at the Britannia Theater in Glasgow. He would become a film legend, and one-half of the world-famous comedy team of Laurel & Hardy. Stan Laurel's film career spanned 35 years and 182 pictures.

Stan first met Oliver Hardy while filming "The Lucky Dog" in 1919. The first film to feature both Oliver and Stan was the 1926 "Forty-Five Minutes From Hollywood." The official teaming of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy took place in 1927 with the release of "Duck Soup." Laurel & Hardy made 117 films together between 1926 and 1952. "The Music Box" won the 1932 Oscar for "Best Live Action Short Subject." It was the only Laurel & Hardy film to win such an award.

Oliver Hardy died on August 7, 1957. In 1961, Stan was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Oscar for his creative pioneering in the field of comedy. Stan's only regret was that Oliver was not there to share in the recognition. Stan Laurel passed away on February 23, 1965, after suffering a heart attack.

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