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“Men are strong only so long as they represent a strong idea. They become powerless when they oppose it.”
Sigmund Freud
Austrian Originator of Psycho-Analysis, 1856 - 1939

Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856 at Freiberg, Moravia, now Pribor in the Czech Republic. Freud developed the techniques of “Psychoanalysis” for the treatment of psychological and emotional disorders.

Freud graduated as Doctor of Medicine from the Medical School of the University of Vienna in 1881. In September 1891 Freud moved to 19 Berggasse in Vienna where he lived and worked for the next 47 years. In 1896 in his paper, “The Aetiology of Hysteria,” Freud first used the term “Psychoanalysis.” In October of 1902 a circle of physicians grouped around Freud began a weekly discussion of Psychoanalysis. From 1908 on the group called itself “Vienna Psycho-Analytical Society.” In 1910 the International Psychoanalytical Association was formed in Nuremberg with Swiss psychologist Carl Jung as the first president. Psychoanalysis soon gained acceptance all over the world as a scientific discipline and as a therapeutical approach.

On March 12, 1938 German troops marched into Austria and the Nazis assumed power. Freud’s daughter Anna was arrested on March 22 by the Gestapo and held for a day. On June 4, following numerous international interventions, Freud was allowed to emigrate to London with his wife, his youngest daughter Anna, his housekeeper Paula Fichtl and his medical caretaker Josefine Stross. Freud’s other children also managed to escape. His brother lost all his property when he left Vienna, and four elderly and infirm sisters were forced to remain in Vienna and killed in concentration camps in 1941. Freud moved to a house at 20 Maresfield Gardens in London’s Hampstead section.

Sigmund Freud died on September 23, 1939. “The Sigmund Freud Museum” was opened in his former office at 19 Berggasse, Vienna in 1971.

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Books About/By Sigmund Freud

Freud Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision—An Analytical Biography
by Louis Breger

Dr. Breger has done both the psychoanalytic world and the public in general a major service by providing us with a clear picture of both Freud as a man and of the development of psychoanalytic thought from Freud's early ideas to the current state of the science. We are given a very believable picture of Freud as a man, as a thinker and as a leader. This is sophisticated research and writing. Readers will come away having seen reality clashing with long held myths and reality winning. No longer must the public feel that all psychoanalytic thinking started and ended with Freud but the field has really progressed. All this along with brilliant and extremely readable prose. — Ramon Greenberg, M.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Purchase this hardcover edition of Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision

The Passions of the Mind The Passions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud
by Irving Stone

A fictionalized account of one of the most complex minds of the 20th Century. Ideal for the reader who doesn't want to get caught up in all the psycho-analytical terminology. A must read for any Irving Stone fan.

Purchase this hardcover edition of The Passions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud

Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
by Sigmund Freud

The core concepts of psycho-analysis are presented in five informative, and at times humorous lectures.

Purchase this hardcover edition of Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis

Interpretation of Dreams The Interpretation of Dreams
by Sigmund Freud

Outlines Freud’s theories of the unconscious in the context of dream analysis, introducing the id, the superego, and the ego. Freud said of his work, “Insight such as this falls to one's lot but once in a lifetime.”

Purchase this hardcover edition of The Interpretation of Dreams

The Ego and the Id The Ego and the Id
by Sigmund Freud

An introduction of Freud’s life and an explaination of his theories of the ego and the id.

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DVDs About Sigmund Freud

Biography Biography - Sigmund Freud
Produced by A&E Home Video

A&E’s look at the man who gave us “the talking cure,” better known as Psycho-analysis.

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Young Doctor Freud Young Doctor Freud
A film by Axel Corti

This documentary traces the early life of Sigmund Freud from his birth in 1856 to the publication of his landmark book, “The Interpretation of Dreams,” in 1900.

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Sigmund Freud Online Videos

The Biography of Sigmund Freud in 5 parts:
PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5

An excerpt from old educational film about Freud:

Sigmund Freud eTexts

The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement

Abstracts of the Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud

The Interpretation of Dreams
by Sigmund Freud

A Young Girl’s Diary
“Never before, I believe, has anything been written enabling us to see so clearly into the soul of a young girl ...” Sigmund Freud

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