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“History is economics in action.”
- KARL MARX                                                                                
Karl Marx
Economic/Political Philosopher, 1818 - 1883

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1818 in the city of Trier, Germany. Marx was a revolutionary who advocated "merciless criticism of everything existing" and was the co-originator of the theories of "Communism."

In the autumn of 1843, Marx went to Paris in order to publish a radical journal. It was in Paris in September, 1844 where he first met life-long friend and associate Frederick Engels. Marx and Engels were both active in various revolutionary groups and together worked out the theory and tactics of "Revolutionary Proletarian Socialism" or "Communism."

Marx was banished from Paris in 1845 as a dangerous revolutionary. He went to Brussels, Belgium. In the spring of 1847 Marx, along with Engels, joined a secret society called the "Communist League." At the league's request they authored the " Communist Manifesto," which outlines the theory of the class struggle, and of the revolutionary role of the proletariat. Due to his revolutionary activities, Marx was banished from Belgium in February 1848, finally ending up in London in 1849 where he lived until his death.

In 1864 the "International Working Men's Association" was founded in London. Marx was a central figure in the new organization, and author of its first statement, and a host of resolutions, declarations and manifestos. His health was undermined by his strenuous work for "International." The first volume of "Das Kapital," Marx's most important work, appeared in 1867. Ultimately ill-health prevented him from completing two other volumes.

On March 14 1883 Marx passed away peacefully in his armchair. He lies buried at Highgate Cemetery in London.

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Karl Marx: A Life Karl Marx: A Life
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This biography explores Marx's life and career without demonizing him. A highly-readable account.

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Discourses on Livy The Communist Manifesto
by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

Marx and Engels's critique of capitalism and its deleterious effect on life. This new edition of The Communist Manifesto commemorates the 150th anniversary of its publication.

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Das Kapital Das Kapital: A Critique of Political Economy
by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

This abridged edition provides a more comprehensible version of Marx's most famous work.

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Adventures in Marxism Adventures in Marxism
by Marshall Berman

This series of essays by Marshall Berman argue that Marx's "theory of alienation" best explains the consequences of capitalism, even when workers toil at computers rather than assembly lines.

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Marxism Marxism: The Theory That Split a World

Documentary footage, visually interesting animation of its major tenets, and dramatized interviews are used to outline the history and significance of Marxism. The film explores the monumental changes and enduring conflicts that were born out of Karl Marx's ideology.

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Faith of the Century Faith of the Century: A History of Communism

Using newly discovered propaganda films and archival photos, this two-disc set explores the mysteries of this totalitarian political machine that lured its share of important followers into the fold. Comprehensive, compelling, and captivating.

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